Joo, Jung Min 사진
Joo, Jung Min
Position or Degree
Tell Number
+82-51- 510-2239(O), 3057(lab)
Organic Chemistry (Transition metal catalysis, Ligand design, C-H Functionalization, Redox-active compounds, Heterocyclic chemistry)


1997/3-2001/2 Seoul National University, B.S. in Chemistry

2001/3-2003/2 Seoul National University, M.S. in Chemistry

2004/9-2008/11 Princeton University, Ph.D. in Chemistry




   Synthetic organic chemistry: Heterocyclic synthesis, development of selective C-H bond functionalization reactions, and application to drug discovery and materials science




2003/8-2004/7 Seoul National University, Department of chemistry, Full-time Teaching Assistant

2008/11-2011/4 Columbia University, Department of Chemistry, Postdoctoral Research Scientist

2011/5-2013/8 Eli Lilly and Company, Research Scientist  





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