Kim, Kwang-sun 사진
Kim, Kwang-sun
Position or Degree
Associate Professor
Tell Number
+82-51-510-2241(O), 3616(lab)
Biochemistry (Small noncoding RNA, Transcriptome/Proteome, Vaccine platform, Extracellular vesicle, Nanoantibiotics)


1994. 3. ~ 1998. 2. Chonbuk National University, B.S. in Chemistry

1998. 3. ~ 2000. 2. Seoul National University, M.S. in Chemistry

2000. 3. ~ 2004. 8. Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST) , Ph. D. in Chemistry



-Identification and functional analysis of noncoding RNAs

-Modulation of ribonuclease activity by trans-acting regulators for the gene expression control

-Functional identification of RNA aptamers and their uses

-Unraveling mechanistic actions on the erruption of antibiotic resistant bacteria




2004. 3 ~ 2006. 4. KAIST, Department of Chemistry, Post-doctoral Fellow

2006. 5 ~ 2010. 2. Stanford University, Department of Genetics, Post-doctoral Fellow

(Advisor. Stanley N. Cohen)

2009. 12 ~ 2015. 8. Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB)

, Senior Researcher

2010. 9 ~ 2015. 8. University of Science and Technology (UST), Associate Professor, Adjunct




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