Yoo, Hyun Deog 사진
Yoo, Hyun Deog
Position or Degree
Associate Professor
Tell Number
(82-51) 510-2237 (Lab: 3241)
Electrochemistry and Analytical Chemistry (Li-ion batteries and beyond, Synthesis of electrode materials, Electrochemical / spectroscopic analysis, Multiphysics simulation)

Research Interests

Design and Synthesis of Advanced Materials for Rechargeable Batteries

Electrochemical Characterizations of Fuel Cells, Rechargeable Batteries, and Supercapacitors

Electrochemical Impedance Analysis of Porous Electrodes

Materials Chemistry by Advanced Spectroscopies and Molecular Dynamics

in-situ & in-operando Analysis of Electrochemical Systems



Ph.D. in Chemical and Biological Engineering (Mar. 2006 ~ Aug. 2011)

Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea. Advisor: Professor Seung M. Oh

M.S. in Chemical and Biological Engineering (Mar. 2004 ~ Feb. 2006)

Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea. Advisor: Professor Seung M. Oh

B.S. in Nuclear Engineering (Minor: Chemical and Biological Engineering) (Mar. 2000 ~ Feb. 2004), Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea.


Professional Experiences

Visiting Research Assistant Professor (Jun. 2015 ~ Aug. 2017), University of Illinois at Chicago. (Advisor: Prof. Jordi Cabana)

Postdoctoral fellow (Nov. 2013 ~ May. 2015), University of Houston. (Advisor: Prof. Yan Yao)

Postdoctoral fellow (Oct. 2011 ~ Oct. 2013), Bar-Ilan University, Israel. (Advisor: Prof. Doron Aurbach)


Selected Publications

1.Yoo HD, Li Y, Lin J, Qian X, Liang Y, Liu Y.-S., Guo J, Ru Q, Jing Y, An Q, Wang H, Zhou W, Pantelides S, Yao Y (2017). Fast kinetics in interlayer-expanded electrodes for magnesium rechargeable batteries. Nat. Commun. 8:339.


2.Yoo HD, Han SD, Nolis GM, Bayliss RD, Burrell AK, Vaughey JT, Cabana J (2017) Degradation Mechanisms of Magnesium Metal Anodes in a (CF3SO2)2N? (TFSI)-Based Mg-Ion Electrolyte at High Current Densities. Langmuir (in press). DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.7b01051  


3.Han SD, Kim S, Li D, Petkov V, Yoo HD, Phillips PJ, Wang H, Kim JJ, More KL, Key B, Klie RF, Cabana J, Stamenkovic V, Fister TT, Markovic NM, Burrell AK, Tepavcevic S, and Vaughey JT (2017). Zn Insertion Mechanism in Low Crystalline Nanostructured d-MnO2 in Nonaqueous Rechargeable Zn Metal Batteries. Chem. Mater. 29(11):4874?4884. 


4.Yoo HD, Lopez M, Jokisaari JR, Lapidus SH, Han SD, Kim S, Bolotin I, Hu L, Key B, Klie RF, Vaughey JT, Fister TT, Cabana J (2017). Highly Reversible Electrochemical Intercalation of Mg2+ into Layered Materials through Structural Transformations. (Under preparation)


5.Kim C, Adil AA, Bayliss RD, Kinnibrugh TL, Lapidus SH, Nolis GM, Freeland JW, Phillips PJ, Yi T, Yoo HD, Kwon BJ, Yu Y-S, Klie R, Chupas PJ, Chapman KW, Cabana J (2017). Multivalent Electrochemistry of Spinel MgxMn3-xO4 Nanocrystals. (Submitted)


6.Nolis GM, Adil A, Yoo HD, Hu L, Bayliss RD, Lapidus S, Berkland L, Phillips PJ, Freeland JL, Klie RF, Cabana J (2017). Electrochemical reduction of a spinel-type manganese oxide cathode in aqueous electrolytes with Ca2+ or Zn2+. (Submitted)


7.Andrews JL, Mukherjee A, Yoo HD, Parija A, Marley PM, Prendergast DG, Cabana J, Klie RF, Banerjee S (2017). Reversible Mg-Ion Insertion in a Metastable One-Dimensional Polymorph of V2O5. (Submitted)


8.Mukherjee A, Yoo HD, Nolis GM, Andrews J, Lopez M, Banerjee S, Cabana J, Klie RF (2017). Direct characterization of the lithiation mechanism of tunnel structured z-V2O5 nanowire cathode. (Under preparation)


9.Yoo HD, Li Y, Liang Y, Lan Y, Wang F, Yao Y (2016). Intercalation pseudocapacitance of exfoliated molybdenum disulfide for ultrafast energy storage. ChemNanoMat. 2(7): 688?691. (Journal Cover of July 2016 issue, Highlighted in ChemistryViews.org)


10.Yoo HD, Han S-D, Bayliss RD, Gewirth AA, Genorio B, Rajput NN, Persson KA, Burrell AK, Cabana J (2016). 'Rocking-Chair'-type Metal Hybrid Supercapacitors. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 8(45):30853?30862.


11.Shuai J, Yoo HD, Liang Y, Li Y, Yao Y, Grabow L (2016). Density Functional Theory Study of Li, Na, and Mg Intercalation and Diffusion in MoS2 with Controlled Interlayer Spacing. Mater. Res. Express 3(6):064001.


12.Li Y, Zhang X, Li H-B, Yoo HD, Chi X, An Q, Liu J, Yu M, Wang W, Yao Y (2016). Mixed-Phase Mullite Electrocatalyst for pH-Neutral Oxygen Reduction in Magnesium-Air Batteries. Nano Energy 27:8-16.


13.Oh H, Xu K, Yoo HD, Kim D, Chanthad C, Yang G, Jin J, Ayhan I, Oh SM, Wang Q (2016). Poly(arylene ether) based single-ion conductors for lithium-ion batteries. Chem. Mater.28:188-196.


14.Liang Y*, Yoo HD*, Li Y, Shuai J, Calderon HA, Robles Hernandez FC, Grabow LC, Yao Y (2015). Interlayer-expanded molybdenum disulfide nanocomposites for electrochemical magnesium storage. Nano Lett.15(3):2194-2202. (* co-first authors)


15.Yoo HD, Liang Y, Li Y, Yao Y (2015). High areal capacity hybrid magnesium?lithium-ion battery with 99.9% coulombic efficiency for large-scale energy storage. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces7(12):7001-7007.


16.Yoo HD, Jang JH, Cho K, Zheng Y, Park Y, Ryu JH, Oh SM (2015). Effects of interlayer distance and van der Waals energy on electrochemical activation of partially reduced graphite oxide. Electrochim. Acta. 173:827-833.


17.Shterenberg I, Salama M, Yoo HD, Gofer Y, Park J-B, Sun Y-K, Aurbach D (2015). Evaluation of (CF3SO2)2N? (TFSI) based electrolyte solutions for Mg batteries. J. Electrochem. Soc.162(13):A7118-A7128.


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Patents Applications

1.Yao Y, Yoo HD, Method of activating two-dimensional materials for multivalent/polyatomic-ion intercalation battery electrodes, WO2017003734 A9, June 19, 2015.


2.Cabana J, Yoo HD, 'Rocking-Chair'-type Metal Hybrid Supercapacitors, US Provisional 62/408191, October 14, 2016.